Bug-a-Boo Home Daycare
Bug-a-Boo Home Daycare
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Conveniently located just east of 12th street, between Bell Road and Grovers
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Let me start by telling you a little about us...

My name is Jenn, and I have 4 wonderful children ages 15, 14, 11, & 8. My oldest just started high school and my "baby" is now in the 3rd grade. My husband and I have been married for a little more than 12 years, and we are excited that my daycare has allowed me the privilege to stay home with our children while they are young. 

I first opened my daycare in El Paso, Texas in 2002, after the premature birth of our daughter. Since she was born with a compromised immune system we did not want her exposed to the illnesses in traditional daycare, so we began to look for alternative childcare. After several months of searching without success, I decided to quit my job and open my own daycare. We thought it would be temporary but I enjoyed the children so much it became my career. 

I treat each child as if they were my own. We play, laugh and learn together. I kiss boo-boos, and offer comfort when children are sad. I provide nutritious home-cooked meals snacks, and limit sugar. 

We have learning/circle time everyday. We practice our ABC's & 123's, and work on basic motor skills. We play outside when the weather is nice and I limit TV to quiet time, drop-off and pick-ups. Although we do learn something new everyday, I am not a preschool. 

If you believe we are what you are looking for and would like to meet with me and see what we have to offer in person, please give me a call and I will be happy to arrange a time to meet with you. Thank you again for taking the time me visit, and have a great day!!!
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